South African Wine Level 1


Course information
This one-day (8-hour) intensive course is designed for aspiring hospitality professionals seeking to cultivate
an appreciation for South African wines and deepen their knowledge. A brief global history of wine is
followed by an exploration of viticulture and winemaking principles. The course then delves into the
fundamental principles of winemaking and highlights key grape varieties used in South Africa. Guided by
comprehensive lectures and benchmark tastings, students will discover how grapes are cultivated and how
winemaking can determine the final product. The course also examines the key wine regions of South Africa.
Included in the curriculum is a wine tasting methodology for comparing different wines. Candidates’
knowledge and learning will be validated through an exam at the conclusion of the course. Elevate your
hospitality career through this immersive educational experience.

Course Pre-requisites
Our courses are delivered in English, so a good oral and written understanding of the language is required
by candidates. This course is only open to people over 18 years old.

After navigating the definition and history of wine, this course covers existing winemaking knowledge while
looking at the techniques available to winemakers to change or improve the finished wines. The students
will learn notions of the main wine regions in South Africa along with the key grape varieties grown.
Candidates will also taste a variety of wines during the course to gain a greater understanding of how variety,
climate and winemaking can alter the outcome. At the end of the course, students will be competent with a
basic knowledge of the key South African wines, districts and grape varieties, and will have a proper
methodology to taste and assess wines. A minimum of 8 wines will be tasted during the course.

At the end of the course, a written exam will validate the knowledge of the students. Students who
successfully pass the exams will receive their South African Wine Level 1 pin to proudly display their
achievement in the workplace and a printed diploma. The South African Wine Level 1 Certificate is the first
step toward career opportunities within the South African wine trade and hospitality.
This course is aligned to the competencies required by the SASA sommelier courses.

R1990 (R1730.44 excl VAT) per candidate for one full day at our Cape Town Campus. This includes the cost
of the MCQ exam. Courses begin at 08:00 am promptly and run until approximately 17:00 pm each day. This
course can be offered on LIVE distant learning, the wine samples and manuals are sent to the candidate by courier, for the same price.


Session One

  • What is wine?
  • The history of wine in South Africa

Session Two

  • Why do we use grapes?
  • What is the best climate for wine?
  • What are the other climate influences?
  • South African climate influences
  • Cool climates in South Africa
  • Warm climates in South Africa

Session Three

  • How do we know when grapes are ripe?
  • Getting the balance right?
  • Harvesting ripe grapes
  • Wine making
  • What is the main difference between red and white wine?
  • Wine growing areas of South Africa

Session Four

  • Key grape varieties in South Africa

Session Five

  • Sparkling wines
  • Sweet wines

Session Six

  • Tasting wines
  • Why do we spit when tasting wine?
  • The tasting grid
  • Aroma and flavour reference grid
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