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Join us on a transformative journey where the world of cocktails converges with the finesse of fine dining service. The Cocktail Sommelier Certificate, offered by Sommeliers Academy, is meticulously crafted for seasoned Sommeliers and Wine Stewards aspiring to extend their expertise to the realm of cocktails within upscale restaurant settings. This intensive course is not a typical bartending program; rather, it focuses on curating impeccable cocktail experiences, managing sophisticated beverage lists, and exceeding patrons’ expectations with precision and flair.



While prior experience as a waiter in the hospitality industry is recommended, candidates with equivalent experience or qualifications such as Wine Ambassador, SASA Sommelier, CMS Level 1 or 2 are welcome. Our course is designed to accommodate learners at various stages of their career journey. Candidate will receive a cocktail recipe book prior to the course and will be given an assignment for the course.



Understanding cocktails and History Alcohol awareness and responsible service

Hygiene practices, garnish, ice and glassware in cocktail preparation Equipment and mise en place

Advanced mixology techniques

Classic cocktails and mocktails, including pairing

Strategies for guiding patrons to optimize sales, and stock management



Upon successful completion of the course, participants will undergo a comprehensive written exam to assess their competencies. Graduates will be awarded a prestigious Sommeliers Academy certificate, validating their mastery of cocktail sommelier skills and marking a significant milestone in their professional advancement.



Cape Town Campus: R5990 (R5209 excluding VAT) for the full two-day program Johannesburg Campus: R6390 (R5557 excluding VAT) for the full two-day program

Join us at Sommeliers Academy and embark on a journey where passion meets precision, and expertise meets excellence in the captivating world of cocktails.





Session One

Understanding the Essence of Cocktails


Session Two

History of Cocktails


Session Three

Alcohol Awareness


Session Four

Hygiene Practices in Cocktail preparation


Session Five

Garnishes, Glassware and Presentation


Session Six

Ice management


Session Seven

Equipment and Mise en Place


Session Eight

Advanced Mixology techniques


Session Nine

Customer Interaction, Pairing


Session Ten

Classic Cocktails and Mocktails


Session Eleven

Strategies for Guiding patrons


Session Twelve

Beverage management and Inventory


Session Thirteen

Cocktail Practice and Production


Session Fourteen

Certification Exam

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